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An introduction...

July 28, 2019

My name is Liam McDermott, currently working as a developer at Made to Engage in Belfast. Some of the technologies I have worked on in the past year are Episerver Commerce and CMS, Azure Service Bus and Azure Functions, Umbraco CMS, Avensia Storefront and Microsoft Dynamics.

This is going to be a place where I try to make a note of what I’m currently up to in the ever changing world of web development.

I will mainly use it to track my own progress and refer back to. If what ends up on here can be of use to anyone else then that’s even better.

In the first real post I’m going to run through how I created this blog using the starter blog boilerplate and GatsbyJs, added and configured Google Analytics by following the steps in this link and finally configured this site to deploy on Netlify via GitHub automatically every time there is a commit to the master branch.

Stay tuned.

Liam McDermott

Written by Liam McDermott who lives and works in Belfast building Episerver, Umbraco and other .Net solutions on Azure by day. Follow me on twitter